This Is What Stupidity Looks Like


by Gary Gross, Let Freedom Ring Blog

This Washington Examiner article shows how stupid some senators are. Here's the proof justifying my statement:

Chambliss and Isakson dismiss the criticism, arguing that voters want Congress to set aside differences and agree on something that will make a difference, even if it requires trade-offs.

Sen. Chambliss and Sen. Isakson couldn't be further from the truth. The Gang of 10 legislation wouldn't appreciably drop prices at the pump. That's the only criteria that people care about. If playing hardball is what reduces the price at the pump, then that's what they're content with. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PRICE.

Let's frame this a different way. If Democrats stand in the way of progress, we expect Republicans to expose them as working against the will of the American people. At that point, We The People will let our voices be heard. If the Democrats persist in working against actually increasing drilling, then we'll make certain that their colleagues pay a price at the polls this November.

Let's remember that Democrats don't have the votes in the House to pass a CR that would maintain the drilling moratoria. Eventually, Democrats will be forced to pass a CR that doesn't extend the moratoria on the OCS. That puts an exceptional amount of pressure on Harry Reid's Democrats. If the Senate Democrats don't ratify the House's CR, Democrats are on the hook for shutting down the government. Does anyone think that Reid's Democrats won't cave at that point?

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