Unintended effects of the ethanol law

by Baker City Herald

Published: August 28, 2008

Ethanol was supposed to boost Oregon's economy and clean our air -- a pretty neat trick.

Turns out ethanol knows a couple other tricks that aren't so neat.

Lowering your car's gas mileage, for instance.

And raising your food prices.

And, possibly, dissolving plastic or rubber parts of your vehicle.

No wonder the Oregon Legislature was so enamored of ethanol.

But that was last year.

Several lawmakers who voted for a bill requiring gasoline sold in the state to contain 10 percent ethanol now say the law ought to be overturned.

The Legislature already has tinkered with the original version. During their special session this February, lawmakers made changes to ensure that ethanol-free gas is available for boats, antique cars, ATVs and other machines with motors that can't tolerate the corrosive alcohol.

Ethanol's problems are not insurmountable, though.

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