Mark Hillman: Udall's U-turn on domestic drilling


by Mark Hillman

Mark Udall's message to Colorado voters is crystal clear: Just tell me want you want to hear, and I'll say it.

Here's a congressman who built his reputation as an uncompromising environmentalist, who consistently has opposed domestic energy exploration, and who has blocked construction of new refineries to make American energy supplies more secure.

Now, Udall wants us to think he's suddenly seen the light.

"We've got to produce our own oil and gas, right here in our country," he says in a new commercial paid for by his U.S. Senate campaign.

Just what Colorado needs: another politician who will sell his soul to attain higher office.

Over the years, Udall's record on domestic energy production has been much more dogmatic than pragmatic, more extremist than centrist. He's voted to:

■ Block drilling for American oil in Alaska or off shore at least nine times.

■ Deny tax deductions for production of U.S. oil and gas, thereby putting American companies at a financial disadvantage versus their competitors in the Middle East, Russia and South America.

■ Declare oil cartels like OPEC to be in violation of U.S. antitrust law, though most high school seniors -- not to mention Members of Congress -- are smart enough to know our laws do not apply to foreign oil companies.

■ Oppose making abandoned military bases available for construction of new oil refineries, oblivious to the reality no new American oil refineries have been constructed since 1976, increasing our dependence on foreign refineries.

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