Energy Independence - To Be, Or Not To Be

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With each passing day the news informs us of yet another hike in the price of crude oil (followed closely by gasoline) to a new record high. As it does, America continues and intensifies its on-going debate over the causes, consequences and origins over this phenomenon which threatens to radically alter an established American lifestyle. Within that debate there rages a series of sub-debates; each with its own set of facts and discussion rules.

As part of our contribution to this important and not-soon-to-end national public policy exercise, the Black Oil Blog will be taking a regular look at developments as they happen, the facts and perceptions involved and what they may mean for resolving the larger question.

As part of our service we want to offer you the opportunity to become actively involved by offering your own contributions to our Blog. Whether you are an experienced blogger or just someone who has wanted to try his hand, we invite you to post your own views on our Web Site. As we are looking for your untainted perceptions, we will not be editing your submissions to conform to our viewpoint or anyone else's. We do however ask you to keep in mind that space limitations may force us to utilize some editing judgments.

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